Over thirty years of experience in planning and executing  enchanting trips around the world have given us a  bird's eye view of the globe, where cultures, people and geography are interconnected.  Historical borders constantly change, and cultures cast their influence thousands

of miles beyond their border.


As we plan our trips, that deep and wide perspective always informs our planning and greatly enriches  our traveler's experience. 


We custom design trips to curated destinations, where we take into account our client's  interests, budget & time frame.  Those may be private trips for individuals, couples, or small groups, and depending on your preference, may be accompanied by our guides, or self guided; where we take care of the entire logistical aspect of the trip.  All you need to do is show up. We specialize in solving seemingly unresolved  problems and overcoming challenges others in our industry have failed to meet. Our motto is to plan the best trip in given conditions, and execute it under the best conditions and at the right season​



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